Columbia University

As the director of the Columbia University Genetic Counseling Graduate Program I recognize the importance of providing our students with real world examples of the challenges of integrating fathers into the circle of care. The “Dads of Disability” department license provides an inexpensive way to share these lived experiences with my students which both raises their awareness about this important component of providing clinical care and allows them to consider how they want to engage their future clients to best promote a therapeutic working alliance with all clients.

The associated conversation prompt workbook is a helpful adjunct, supporting faculty in creating challenging and useful class discussions and individual writing prompts that deepen students’ understanding of the material and allow for self-reflection. I would recommend the department license and workbook to colleagues educating future practitioners in various fields, including genetic counseling, special education, and social work.
– Amanda Bergner Director, Columbia University Genetic Counseling Graduate Program

Brandeis University

One of the pillars of the Brandeis University Genetic Counseling Program is the theme “Everybody Has a Story.”  Learning from families who live with a disability or genetic condition allows our students to gain insight into what the patients they will see in clinic may be experiencing during their own journeys. Hearing from Dads, who are often overlooked, adds an important perspective that enriches their learning. 

Gary Dietz has come to speak to our students at Brandeis a number of times, most recently as part of our Personal Narratives Series in January, 2021. Our students took Gary’s message, “don’t forget the Dads” to heart, with two now considering doing their thesis projects on the perspectives of fathers. Having the “Dads of Disability” department license and accompanying workbook with question prompts will allow our program to make sure Gary’s words will continue to be heard loud and clear by future generations of genetic counselors. We are grateful to have this as an educational tool for out students.
– Gretchen H. Schneider, M.S. LCGC, Professor of the Practice, Director, Master’s Program in Genetic Counseling, Brandeis University

“…Our program places a strong emphasis on learning from a wide variety of personal narratives, particularly with parents of a child with a genetic condition and/or disability. His presentation broadens our understanding and challenges our thinking, revealing the biases we often hold towards fathers.
– Gayun Chan-Smutko, MS, LCGC

Amazon Reviews of the Book

(The conversation and writing workbook is not available on Amazon, only here.)

I enjoyed the stories of fathers who looked back and saw so much joy and love from their children with disabilities and I loved the quite honest and sometimes hilarious, sometimes heart wrenching stories.
– Spring McDonald (from Amazon review)

Being able to read short accounts of various perspectives is a great way to help another person feel like they aren’t on their own in this journey through life.
Joanna Keating-Velasco (from Amazon review)